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It all started with some bad news...

On March 26, 2018 Adobe Muse announced the closure of their Muse software as well as Business Catalyst.

  • Competing Template Websites / Companies, whether free or paid
  • Direct Email nor Email Marketing
  • Sharing amongst groups
  • Transferring between Webflow accounts

Updates and Compatibility

It is our duty to always keep the templates up-to-date and working with the latest version of Webflow. But, when Webflow releases updates, we give no guarantee that product will run without problems. If feature updates are made to templates, post-purchase, you will need to purchase a new version of the product in order to take advantage of the added functionality.

Browser Compliance

FlowPros does not support any web browser compliance. Webflow provides a visual WYSIWYG interface for building websites which means the FlowPros team cannot and does not have any control over the final code output and browser compliance.